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Panacea Inc. is a software & technology company bringing AI-powered technologies to trade financial products. The core concept of the company is understanding the market microstructure in order to provide integration infrastructure and develop AI-based high-frequency algorithmic trading strategies for the world’s major commodity, stock, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Our scientific approach combining data, statistical methods, as well as AI, and empowering a high-performance, process-driven, and risk-aware platform enables us to be an effective market-making firm.

Panacea was founded by Mr. Murat Demirbüken, and Dr. Yasin Murat Kadıoğlu in April 2020. Working at Panacea means dealing with cut-edge technologies, collaborating with exceptional minds, tackling challenges, and having the freedom of using creativity and talent.




Dr. Yasin Murat Kadıoğlu


Dr. Yasin Murat Kadıoğlu received his BSc degree from Middle East Technical University, MSc degree from New York University, and Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London, all in the electrical and electronic engineering department. After obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Kadioglu was awarded the EU H2020 researcher fellowship and kept pursuing his academic studies under the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group at Imperial College London. Subsequently, he moved to the finance industry and worked as a machine learning engineer in a Chicago-based proprietary algorithmic trading firm. He is also 2 times Bronze medalist in National Mathematical Olympiads. He co-founded Panacea in April 2020.


Murat Demirbüken


Mr. Murat Demirbüken received his BSc degree as the top of his class in the Department of Computer Engineering from Ankara University. While he was continuing his academic studies at Bilkent University and TOBB ETU, he worked as a software engineer in various fields. After 4 years of industry experience, he was appointed as the country manager and CTO of a Chicago-based proprietary algorithmic trading firm. He has several awards from various coding competitions such as DefCamp CTF, HackMetu CTF, IEEE ITU Programming contest. He was also awarded a Gold and a Silver Medal in National Informatics Olympiads. He co-founded Panacea in April 2020.